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The History of Legal Medicine Organization

As an independent institution the Legal Medicine Organization works under supervision of the head of Judiciary System by employment of specialized and efficient personnel and modern technologies in order to detect the truth and support the establishment of justice in the society.

Based on scientific, legal and juridical principles, the organization provides expert opinions to the competent authorities in the field of Forensic Science and Medicine with respect to precision, accuracy and timeliness.

In parallel to other medical fields, Forensic Medicine and its specialties have made enormous advancements in recent decades. Nowadays with the complexity and wide spectrum of crimes, providing expert opinion for crime detection requires applying contemporary scientific resources and technologies as well as employment of specialized and expert personnel.

Forensic practitioners were respected as competent authorities for expert witnessing and scientific testimony in ancient Iranian civilization. By the advent of constitutional and foundation of the Ministry of Justice, the presentment of Forensic practitioners in court proceedings became mandatory.

About nine decades ago Forensic Medicine was established as an office under Ministry of Justice. Due to judicial demands, the office was later upgraded to The Department of Legal Medicine by development of new methods of crime detection. Further quantitative and qualitative developments in providing services lead to approval of Legal Medicine Organization as an independent organization under supervision of the Head of Judiciary System.    

At present time the Legal Medicine Organization is a specialized body with decisive role in related court cases. With over 320 branches around the country the organization responds to two million judicial requests every year. Specifically, clinical examinations and medical commissions, laboratory examinations and examination of corpses, comprise about 81, 15 and 4 percent of the referred cases respectively.

The main activities of the Legal Medicine Organization include:

-       Medical and Clinical Expert Interpretations

-       Diagnostic and Laboratory Investigations

-       Response to enquiries referred by the Government Institutions and Agencies

-       Educational activities including training the specialty residents, medical, midwifery, law and Police students

-       Scientific research activities


More specific activities:


Organizing and active participation in the national and international congresses including the International Congress of Islamic Countries and International Congress of Crime Scene Investigation, attendance of the professionals in the internal and external scientific forums, educational and research cooperation with Medical Universities and research centers, International scientific cooperation,  concluding cooperation agreements with Islamic countries, establishment of Forensic Medicine Research center as the first center of its kind in the country and the region, preparation of Legal Medicine Standards of Iran, application of modern laboratory specialized facilities in accordance with the International Standards of Forensic Science, Publication of Legal Medicine scientific Journal, publication of specialized books in Forensic field, organizing over 50 re-training seminars for promotion of Forensic science and prevention of medical malpractice and misconduct.


The organization employs more than 2500 full time personnel, two third of are University graduates, including 50 percent with Doctorate or higher degrees. Additionally, more than 3000 part time personnel in different medical subspecialties mostly University affiliates cooperate with the organization.  Today by using modern technologies and improved facilities, the organization is recognized as an outstanding Forensic Institution in the country and the region. By large scale scientific and educational interactions with internal and external research centers and cooperation with executive departments, the organization has achieved a good potential for research and education in order to upgrade the services and for development of science in the country.


The Medical and Clinical, Diagnostic and Laboratory, Research and Education, Administrative and Logistic departments conjoined with the Legal Medicine Research Center conduct the main activities of the organization.

Adress: Tehran, south side of City Park, Behesht Street, PostalCode: 1114795113
Phone: 55609071-4, Fax: 55608003, IVR: 55606061
SMS: 20001372, Email: info@lmo.ir‬