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  • Education


Educational Activities

The department of education is an educational foundation which determines the level of knowledge and proficiency for accomplishment of missions and achieving the objectives of the organization. The department assists the employees to reach the desired level through development of educational programs. The department also cooperates with the department of human resources in recruitment of suitable staff (i.e. with scientific competency).

  • Responsibilities


1.    Explanation of the principles: including strategic planning for education and assessment of required items for different positions and employees.


2.    Planning: aims at achieving the strategic objectives of the organization through preparation of course plans, re-education conferences, workshops, determination of benchmarks for every course, planning and essential cooperation for preparation of educational documents and articles, designing recruitment test questions, etc.


3.    Operations: including detection, assessments and selection of professionals and licensed educational institutions for instruction to local educational centers and also holding recruitment examinations.


4.    Assessment: including evaluation of the processed courses, evaluation of local educational centers and institutions and review of processed educational courses in terms of effectiveness (in cooperation with evaluation committee) and also confirmation of scientific competence of staff for level upgrade.


5.    Coordination on the modality of cooperation with miscellaneous internal and external scientific centers and communities in accordance with the requirements and educational priorities and with consideration of memorandums and concords concluded with the Universities.


6.    Planning, coordination and consultation for development of public trainings.



The Department of Research

Main activities:


-       Review and Evaluation of Research Proposals


As one of the main activities, the department of research conducts review and evaluation of research proposals in relation to forensic subjects and based on the desired priorities. Following the approval the proposals are carried out through collaboration with the organization.

-       Arrangement and supervision of provincial research committees


According to the Paragraph 4 of the Article 1 of Legal medicine Organization Law and in regard to development of research affairs, the provincial bylaw of research committees was drafted through several meetings in with experts in research affairs.

Development of those committees aims at providing necessary facilitations for conducting research proposals.  The research committees review the regional research priorities and detect the potential capacities i. e. availability of specialized personnel. The committees also encourage the researchers through providing appropriate strategic research plans. Other aims include follow up and control on the process of research activities, regional management of quality services, collection and arrangement of forensic research data in the region and establishment of communications with Research Centers and Universities. 

-       Providing expert consultation for internal and external colleagues and researchers

As and adjunct to management of research activities, the Department of Research accept research proposal drafts for methodological assessment and providing opinions for improvement of the drafts. Research methodology workshops are established for researchers in this regard. Furthermore, some hours are dedicated for methodological consultations in preparation on research proposals for the clients. All proposals referred to the research management are reviewed by the methodological expert for detection of errors in response to the researchers.

Organizing research council and specialized committees for evaluation of research proposals 


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