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History and tasks description


Based as an independent research and educational institution, Legal Medicine Research Center is established under supervision of the Head of Legal Medicine Organization for conduction of the following tasks:


1.      Development and application of science in the field of Forensic Medicine

2.      Conducting basic and applied research in order to reform the services provided by the Legal Medicine Organization and judiciary

3.      Collection, sorting and classification of  documents, articles and related records, and publication of scientific, informative and statistical Journals in Forensic Medicine field

4.       Training research staff and providing education in various scientific levels in field of Forensic Science

5.       Inspiring, encouragement and employment of researchers

6.      Scientific cooperation with research and education centers in the country

7.      Scientific cooperation with the research and education centers of foreign countries and international institutions

8.      Attendance, participation and membership in scientific, research and educational institutions in other countries or internationally



  1. Dr. Mahmoud Khodadoust
  2. Saadollah Moradi
  3. Hossein Shabanlou
  4. Dr. Seyed Mohammad Sadegh Ghoreishi


Scientific Board:

  1. Dr. Hasan Tofighi
  2. Dr. Mohammad Hasan Abedi
  3. Dr. Farshid Alaedini
  4. Dr. Arya Hejzai
  5. Dr. Bahram Samadi Raad
  6. Dr. Mohammad Ali Emam Hadi
  7. Dr. Ardeshir Sheikh Azadi
  8. Dr. Bashir Nazparvar
  9. Dr. Mohammad Reza Ghadirzadeh


Adress: Tehran, south side of City Park, Behesht Street, PostalCode: 1114795113
Phone: 55609071-4, Fax: 55608003, IVR: 55606061
SMS: 20001372, Email: info@lmo.ir‬