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List of books published by the Research Center


1.       Statistical evaluation of abnormal deaths in Iran

2.       Forensic Pharmacology

3.       Sampling and sample transfer to the forensic laboratories

4.       Crime Scene in Sexual Assaults

5.       Physicians Guidelines in generation of certificates and burial permit (death certificate)

6.       Principles of Autopsy reports in Forensic Medicine

7.       Principles of determination of impairments and compensation

8.       Brain Death and Organ Transplantations

9.       Forensic Serology

10.   Forensic Pathology

11.   Management of bodies in mass disasters

12.   A study of References in Medicine and Justice

13.   Forensic Genetics

14.   Interpol protocols for identification of mass disaster victims

15.   Impairment and Compensation of the Upper and Lower Limbs

16.   Experts Guide - Death Scenes

17.   Essentials of Autopsy - Digestive System

18.   Principles of Forensic Medicine in Prison

19.   The role of Forensic Dentistry in Mass Disasters

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