• Iranian Genetic Identity Data bank

      The idea of establishing a genetic identity data bank was suggested for the first time in 2010 for two reasons, its role in decreasing crimes, on the basis of previous successful experience of other countries, and availability of trained experts in this field and valuable experiences of LMO, and the responsibility of realizing this concept and establishing a genetic identity data bank was added to other duties of LMO , according to the fifth national development plan. The result of 5 years of continuous effort spent for planning and implementation of plans, equipping the Selected genetic labs of LMO in various provinces was shown in 2014, following the approval of the head of the Judiciary. The first meeting of its board of trustees took place in 2015, chaired by the head of LMO.

      Currently, the 10 forensic genetics labs all around the country have a direct relation with the Iranian genetic identity data bank to exchange data, as part of their routine activities.

      cell and Tissue Bank

      The Forensic Medicine Research Center, has a specific professional position, and using this position, in order to support provision of implantable organs and tissues as an effective way to help those in need of treatment by these items, initiated the establishment of a tissue supply unit in 2017. After a short while, this units with the altruistic help of our people, has become able to meet the need of nearly 40000 patients for implantable tissue in order to treat disabilities and injuries due to disease or trauma. Expansion of qualitative and quantitative activities resulted in significant scientific achievements and the unit I was upgraded to a cell and tissue bank. In addition to the current activity of tissue extraction, the bank is going to start, in near future, cell extraction which will help in the process of healing patients' injuries. Extracted tissues and cells, or in specific cases stem cells, are used in treatment of such diseases as orthopedic ones, malfunction of cardiac valves, diabetes, skin cancers, oral and dental problems.