• National Headquarters of Crisis Management

      The director of this office acts as the substitute of the head of LMO.


      1- Developing organizational policies and plans in relation with comprehensive management of crisis and their ratification.

      2-Developing guidelines and executive policies regarding the four stages of crisis management

      3- Determining the sxact duties of those involved in all levels

      4- Taking measures for creating and approval of organizational chart of crisis management body in all levels

      5- Developing programs for training courses, research activities Campaigns and drills for the four stages of crisis management

      6- Strengthening internal and external relations of LMO in this regard.

      7- Coordination of LMO and other related organizations' measures in crisis management.

      8- Educating all levels of LMO to create effective systems for prevention of disasters due to defects in LMO buildings and recompensating methods

      9- Developing criteria to determine the levels of crisis, emergency situations and the way to announce the crises.

      10- Supervision and assessment of measures in relation with the four stages of crisis management