• General Directorate of Public Relations & International Affairs


      1- Reflecting and explaining the organization's viewpoints, policies and plans

      2- Implementing policies regarding news, information publication and studies in the field of public relations

      3. Creating a relationship between employees and authorities of LMO on the basis of good will and mutual understanding

      4- Creating relationships with the public based on mutual understanding

      5- Preparing news, statements, written answers, notices to be reflected in mass media.

      6- Reflecting LMO's policies and performance to the target audience

      7- Coordinating and collaborating for conventions, seminars, festivals, interviews, visits, news conferences to take place

      8- Developing an ongoing information network within the organization and out of it.

      9 - Publishing periodic and special publications within the organization

      10- Creating a thematic multimedia archive

      International Affairs


      1- Initiating and developing scientific, cultural, Technical and educational relationships (bilateral or multilateral) at regional and international level.

      2- Paving the way for participation of LMO in international meetings and conventions.

      3- Information gathering about related international events and meetings

      4- Following LMO's membership in international/ regional scientific societies and associations

      5 - Developing a data bank of forensic medicine experts, organization and centers in other countries.