• General Directorate of Performance Assessment & Complaints Handling


      This General directorate acts as the surveillance tool for the head of LMO, in two divisions:

      1- Performance Assessment and Inspection This unit evaluates the various aspects of performance of the organization's units (administrative financial, responsiveness, ...) as well as managerial behavior of heads of these units, in order to increase the level of efficacy and effectiveness. Using the comments and expert opinions of internal experts a report is prepared for the head of LMO.

      2- Complaints Handling Input of this unit comes from various sources, including incoming letters, written complaints and criticism, face to face talks with complaining people, phone calls, fax, and … which are recorded in the offices reviewed by the director and referred to related experts within the Organization, particularly in cases related to clinical and laboratory findings. In the last step, a report, for the head of LMO is prepared and the plaintiff will be properly informed of the result of their complaint.