• Office of IT and Administrative Transformation

      This office is directly responsive to the head of LMO and includes five working groups:

      1- Information Technology

      2- Organization & Improving Methods

      3. Planning & Budget

      4- Technical Engineering

      5. Statistics


      1-Comprehensive planning to initiate transformation in managerial and organizational aspects of LMO

      2- Studying, estimation and offering suggestions for the budget and credits required for renovation plans and organizational transformation

      3- Review, prepare and implement plans for application of IT in various aspects of LMO performance

      4- supervision over implementation of duce plans and - schedules.

      5. Planning & Supervising all building activities of LMO

      6- Planning and performing the required studies for initiating Organizational transformation

      7- Gathering and organizing data on LM0 performance

      8- Project control activities.

      9- Studying on defects and problems of different in use systems in order to revise and improve them

      10- Planning for improvement in efficiency, effectiveness client satisfaction and expense reduction